Upper Grand District School Board Branding


Brand Identity Creation

Brand Management Systems

Serving over 35,000 students through 65 elementary and 11 secondary schools, the Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) had long outgrown its outdated and non-inclusive brand. We were brought on board to develop a brand identity system for this huge network of schools with a variety of audiences and stakeholders.

Brand identity options were formed using insights we heard in workshops, all focused on supporting “U”: each and every student. Options were first shared with a diverse working group, then taken to a group of over 200 UGDSB students ranging broadly in age and location. The decision amongst all stakeholders – from students to teachers to Board – was almost unanimous.

The new identity, supported by the new tagline Find Your Path, celebrates the UGDSB's diverse mosaic of students. It’s flexible, able to adapt to any type of message in a dynamic and youthful way – consistent, yet relevant and engaging. And most importantly, the new identity demonstrates the school board’s new brand promise: putting students at the centre of everything the UGDSB does.