Twisted Hills Craft Cider Branding & Packaging


Brand Architecture Alignment

Brand & Product Naming

Brand Identity Creation

After purchasing an additional five acres of land in 2017, Twisted Hills realized their brand identity needed to grow and modernize alongside their business. Their estate-grown, cider-specific apples are key to the uniqueness and quality of their products – naturally, they should be integral to the brand.

We took on three cider brands at once: their original craft cider and its premium bottled packaging; and the brand and package design of their canned cider, Element, which comes in both hard and soft varieties. All three ciders target a different consumer, so needed to feel distinct from one another while remaining connected to Twisted Hills’ own terroir. While all three labels enhance shelf visibility and flavour distinction, holding their own on shelf away from the cidery, each design reflects the Similkameen Valley in a unique and interesting way.