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A shift in strategy and long-term goals had previously named FP Canada Research Foundation in need of a new brand name and visual identity. The new organization would be completely consumer focused, with an eye to aiding those who need the most help with accessing financial planning.

With their new strategic plan in mind, we first developed a brand framework and brand story from which to base the new brand on. We then developed name options, varying between emotive and descriptive, with the name Canadian Foundation for Financial Planning (CFFP) the preferred choice. This descriptive name was then supported with a visual identity that leaned more emotive: first, with a logo based on the notion of growth; then, with a set of simple shapes that can be combined to represent different topics at hand.

CFFP’s approachable new brand sets the organization up to relaunch as a trusted source that opens doors, connecting people to their financial futures – something every Canadian deserves.