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Able to offer Canadians high-quality linens for a fraction of the price, a budding online retail company brought us along to develop their brand name and identity.

To help us understand the leading brand message, we started with brand theme moodboards. Each theme featured a unique look-and-feel, embraceable by their target demographic and resonant with the company itself. Workshopping these had us focusing on a modern, fresh look with the idea of a “warm hug” – our proposed brand name envello was the winner. We designed envello’s visual identity to feel modern yet cozy: The wordmark logo is soft and welcoming, and its yellow colour represents warmth and good mornings. To quietly demonstrate envello’s textile expertise, we created brand patterns that reflect weaving; old-world, Mediterranean colours inspire the brand colour palette.

An excellent “unboxing” experience for each customer was key. With bright and friendly packaging, and brand messaging on product labels, envello’s brand shines through like a ray of sunshine at every possible touchpoint.