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Founded by a young entrepreneur and his mother, Cedar Valley makes pita chips and salad dressings inspired by traditional Lebanese recipes. As the products' popularity began to take off, the founders saw the real potential of their product and wanted to strengthen the brand awareness on shelf.

A busy category, we used our research to ensure the packaging we developed for the chip bags felt unique and slightly upscale. The packaging also had to represent a family-focused approach that tastes and feels better-for-you – demonstrating the high quality of the ingredients. We focused on bringing in the history of the region through creation of the valley graphic. This graphic appears on all products, both chips and dressings, to ensure a cohesive approach and recognizable brand no matter what section of the grocery store you’re in.

The new packaging has drawn considerable attention in the market, with significantly increased sales and distribution since the rollout. Recently, the Cedar Valley brand was featured on CBC’s Dragons Den where they successfully pitched their offering for further investment.