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After 50 years of producing frozen burgers for others, Belmont Meats wanted to come to the market with something entirely their own: a healthier product that could change minds about what “frozen burger” means.

Research quickly showed us that in a world of frozen burgers, every package design seems to highlight the same thing: the bun! Packaging was filled with bun-heavy imagery and complex messaging. We went the opposite direction: It doesn’t get any simpler than a brand name like Pure Burger. The package design reflects this simplicity and takes a bold approach. Minimal messaging and a bright colour palette have the products popping, distinct in a freezer full of sameness. Custom-shot images showcase the actual product – not a bun – and print techniques were used to give the products a premium feel.

The product hit the market with huge success, taking such a prominent position in the freezer aisle that we saw a change in Pure Burger’s competitors’ approach to their own package design.